Friday, September 2, 2011

Oak Revival

For the victorious release OaK lacked the final touch - a browser that supports this technology. It was he who had become the most "killer" application Naughton, whocompleted the preparatory work for nearly five years before the official announcement ofthe new platform.

Browser called WebRunner. Naughton took only one weekend to write the bulk of the program. That was in July and in September 1994 WebRunner already demonstratedleadership Sun. Small programs written in OaK for distribution through the Internet, called applets.

The next demonstration took place at the conference, where we met the developers of applications and Internet-entertainment industry. When Gosling began the presentation WebRunner, students showed little interest in deciding that this is just a clone of Mosaic.Then Gosling had his arm on a complex three-dimensional model of chemical molecules.
Following the mouse, a model turned in all directions! Now this function may not produce such an impression, but then it was like the transition from picture to cinema. The following sample demonstrated an animated sort. Initially represented a set of line segments of varying lengths. Then the blue and red lines started to run on this set, sorting the pieces by size. An example of too simple, but clearly demonstrates that the client appeared complete software platform. Both of these applets are now standard and examples included in the Java Development Kit version of each. The success of the demonstration, which ended with thunderous applause showed that OaK WebRunner and able to make a revolution on the Internet, since all the participants in another look at the opportunities provided by the World Wide Web.

By the way, in early 1995, when it became clear that the official announcement is not far off, it took over marketing. As a result of their research OaK was renamed to Java, and WebRunner was called HotJava. Many people wondered what was the reason for this decision. Legend has it that Java - it's sort of coffee (a coffee really is), who were very fond of programmers. Apparently, in a similar manner born, and called HotJava ("Hot Java"). Topic coffee will always be in the names and logos (the technology to create components called Java Beans - coffee beans, custom format for archiving files with Java-programs JAR - Bank of coffee, etc.), and the language of critics began to call "for Coffee" . But now everything is already used to it and not think about the title, perhaps this was intended (and those who continue to express dissatisfaction, lead alternatives that were considered then - Neon, Lyric, Pepper or Silk).

Under the plan, specification Java, HotJava, and implementation of the platform should be distributed freely over the Internet. On the one hand, it is possible to promptly disseminate the technology throughout the world and make it the de facto standard for Internet-programming. On the other hand, with the participation of the entire community of developers who have expressed a comment, you can more quickly eliminate all possible errors and omissions. However, in late 1994, only a few copies have been distributed outside Sun. In February 1995, it appears possible, the first press release indicating that soon will be available alpha OaK and WebRunner.

When this happens, the team began to count the instances of downloading their product for review. Soon, hundreds already had to consider. Then we decided that if he could reach 10,000, it will be just a stunning success. We had to wait does not last as long as you can imagine. Interest grew like an avalanche, after watching a lot of letters came and the power of Internet-channel was not enough. Your letters are always answered in great detail, which at first can be done without interrupting work. Then, one by one began to appoint a developer to it during the week just wrote the answers. Finally, it took a special officer, as has already occurred by 2-3 thousand letters a day. Soon the leadership Sun has realized that the success of such a powerful Java has no budget or plan for advertising and other promotions to market. The first step in this direction is the publication March 23, 1995 in the newspaper Sun Jose Mercury News article describing the new technology, where he gives the address of the official site, which to this day is the main source of information on Java.


Megamanrocks at September 2, 2011 at 7:20 AM said...

great post, just getting into java myself.

Willis at September 2, 2011 at 11:08 AM said...

I can't imagine a world without Java. It's amazing that a company like this can start up in this day and age.

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