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Project Green.

December 5, 1990, the day when Naughton had to go to the company NeXT, Sun has made him a counter offer. Management agreed with all of its terms. The objective - "to create something extraordinary." February 1, 1991, Patrick Naughton, James Goslingand Mike Sheridan (Mike Sheridan) started to close the project, called Green.

Goal they have chosen themselves ambitious - to find out what will be the next wave ofcomputer industry (considered to be the first appearance of semiconductors andpersonal computers) and what products should be developed for successful participation. From the very beginning the project was not considered as pureresearch, the challenge was to create a real product, device.

At the annual meeting of the Sun in the spring of 1991 Gosling noted that the computer chips have an unusual distribution, they are used in video recorders, toasters,doorknobs, even in hotels! However, until now in every house you can see up to threeremote controls - for TV, VCR and music center. Thus was born the idea to develop a small device with an LCD touch screen, which will interact with the user through animation showing what can be managed and how. To create such a device, Naughton began work on a specialized graphics system, Gosling took up the software, and Sheridan took up business matters.

In April 1991, the team leaves the office Sun, being disconnected from your internal network even corporations, and moves into new premises. Purchased a variety ofconsumer electronics devices such as game consoles Nintendo, set-top boxes, remote controls, and developers are playing a different game all day, to betterunderstand how to make user interface easy to understand and use. As a perfect example, Gosling noted that the modern toaster with microprocessors have exactly the same interface as the toaster of his mother, who has served for 42 years.

First, Gosling attempted to modify C ++ to create a language for writing programs, the minimum-oriented platform. However, it soon became clear that it is virtually impossible. The main advantage of C ++ - program speed but not reliability. A reliable performance for normal users should be as absolutely guaranteed, as the compatibility of conventional electrical plugs and sockets. Therefore, in June 1991, Gosling, who wrote his first programming language in 14 years, begins to develop a replacement C ++. Creating a new catalog and wondering what to call him, he looked out the window and his gaze focused on the growing underneath the tree. So the language got its first name - OaK. A few years later, after conducting market research, the name was changed to Java.

The task was quite new, had nothing to lean on, had no experience, no prior developments. The team worked without interruption for a single day. In August 1991, held its first demonstration to Bill Joy and Scott McNealy. In November, the group again joined the network from a Sun dial-up line. The further developed the project, the more new professionals joined the team. Around that time, was coined name for the ideology that they created, - 1st Person (can be roughly translated as "first person").

Finally, September 4, 1992 Star7 was completed and demonstrated McNeely. It was a small device with a 5 "color (16 bit) touch-screen, without a single button. To turn it on, I had simply touch the screen. The interface was built as a cartoon - no menu! Duke moved from room to room painted houses, and to manage them, had simply drive across the screen with your finger - no special controls. You could take a virtual TV show with painted sofa, choose the gear and "drag" it to the image recorder to program it to record.

The result exceeded all expectations! It is worth mentioning that devices such as handheld computers (PDA), beginning with Newton, appeared much later, not to mention a color screen. It was a time 286i and 386i CPU Intel (486i already appeared, but were very expensive) and MS DOS, even the mouse has not been a mandatory attribute of a personal computer.

Leaders of Sun Microsystems were just delighted - appeared a great weapon against such powerful competitors such as HP, IBM and Microsoft.


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