Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Company FirstPerson.

Large manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric, France Telecom, Dolby Labs, interested in new technology, the negotiations began. Sheridan has prepared a business plan with the original title "Beyond the Green Door" ("Behind the Green Door"), in which he proposed to establish a wholly owned subsidiary Sun to promote the platform OaK on the market. November 1, 1992 the company created FirstPerson, which was headed by Wayne Rosing, passed on from Sun Labs. Rent luxury office, the number of employees increased from 14 to 60 people.

But later it turned out that the cost of such solutions (CPU, memory, screen) is not less than $ 50. Manufacturers of home appliances is not used to paying substantial sums for additional functionality that facilitates the use of their products.

At this time the attention of the computer industry captures the idea of ​​interactive television, a feeling that is it will be the next revolutionary breakthrough. So when in March 1993, Time Warner announced a contest for manufacturers of computer consoles to a TV network for the deployment of a test of interactive television, FirstPerson completely switches to the task. Again, failure - the winner is James Clark (James Clark), founder of Silicon Graphics Inc., Despite the fact that a technologically inferior to his proposal OaK. However, one year project Time Warner and SGI fail, and James Clark creates a company Netscape, which still play an important role in the success of Java.

Another potential client was a manufacturer of game console 3DO. It took only 10 days to import OaK on this platform, but after three months of negotiations, the director 3DO demanded full rights for the new product, and the deal never took place.

Finally, in early 1994, it became clear that the idea of ​​interactive TV proved to be unviable. Expectations were not destined to become a reality. Analysis of the state FirstPerson revealed that the company has no single customer or partner, and its future prospects rather vague. Sun Guidelines requires the immediate preparation of a new business plan, allowing the company profitable again.


sweetlife at August 31, 2011 at 4:19 AM said...

informative post, thanks for sharing!

John at August 31, 2011 at 4:30 AM said...

too bad i couldn't have interactive tv

pv at September 1, 2011 at 4:34 AM said...

and how companies arise to greats

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